Arctic Ice Growing, No Surprises Dec. 15

Arctic sea ice stabilising over the past decade – Should be headline news and mass celebrations from climate alarmists who proclaimed the Arctic “Death Spiral”, but no, you won’t hear any cheers or any mention from catastrophists and the complicit alarmist media about the Arctics recovery and healthy state.

Funny that. I would have thought they’d be ecstatic. But alas, they prefer disaster scenarios to prove their anthropogenic CO2 causes catastrophic warning theory, and to maintain that all important  misanthropic bent.

Science Matters

Three weeks ago I reported that after 2007 Arctic ice extent was no longer declining, and that 2015 will add another year to that stabilization. With only half a month until year end, the recent MASIE measurements are showing the expected surplus of ice.

MASIE measurements show that 2007 ice extent was lower than any year since. It is now confirmed that 2015 average annual extent will exceed 2007 by at least 300,000 km2. That difference arises from comparing 2007 annual average of 10.414 M km2 with 2015 running average through day 349 of 10.717. In the 16 days remaining in 2015, we can expect the annual average to rise to about 10.774, or 360,000 km2 higher than 2007.

masie ann est

At this point in the annual cycle, it is possible to project the annual average for the calendar year. The daily average presently is well above the running average for the year, so the…

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