Massive Tampering With South African Temperatures

The nefarious intent of NASA/GISS temperature adjustments is no more evident than when dealing with UHI (Urban Heat Island effect).

In every case I’ve seen, there is a consistent pattern of adjusting temperatures ‘up’, in the latter half of 20th century, as cities artificially warm with infrastructure growth, rather than adjusting them ‘down’ to compensate for this well known UHI effect.

This inverse UHI logic, leading to an increase of late 20th century temperatures, is further compounded by massively adjusting mid-century (1940’s-1960’s) temperatures ‘down’!

Cooling the past and warming the present, to fit the ‘global warming’ narrative.

This is scientific fraud and it-is-a-crime.


By Paul Homewood

There are only ten GHCN stations currently operating in South Africa, and only one of these, Calvinia, is classified by GISS as rural. It has a population of 9000, and is situated inland in the Northern Cape province.

Airport Y/N?Pop K
George Y
De AarN18
Port ElizabethY
East LondonY

This is the actual temperature trend at Calvinia, based on GHCN V2 raw data in 2011.


There has been no warming since the start of the record. Yet the current version of GISS, which is based on adjusted GHCN data, has miraculously morphed into a sharply rising trend.


Temperatures prior to 1989 have been marked down by around 0.7C, and those 1940’s ones by even more.


So, what about the other nine sites? We have three with…

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