Massive Temperature Adjustments In Brazil – And Guess In What Direction?

More massive NASA GISS temperature data adjustments tampering!

Struggling to keep up with what is now a literal widespread cancer of worldwide ‘cooling the past and warming the present’ undertaken by NASA and NOAA to fit their ‘global warming’ narrative.

And the simple question must be asked and cannot be underestimated:

If land-based measurements are so accurate, or ‘more’ accurate than satellite data (according to NASA/NOAA and warmists), why then are massive adjustments required?!


By Paul Homewood

A quick update to my post on Brazilian temperature trends.

Ian George spotted that the original trends, based on unadjusted GHCN V2 data, for Quixeramobim, up to 2011, looked like this:


The current GISS graph, based on GHCN V3 Adjusted data, is:


The adjustments that GHCN have made are massive, and have turned a cooling trend into a rapidly warming one.


Was there anything wrong with the original record? I don’t know, but anybody who claims that they can accurately measure what the temperatures really were is a fraud.

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