Why NASA And NOAA Made Greenland Disappear

Many wonderful ways for Tom and NOAA ‘National Centres for Environmental Information (propaganda)’ to manufacture the “Hottest Month Ever”, by hundredths of a degree.

Real Science

There is plenty of temperature data available from Greenland, but NOAA has made it disappear from their analysis, as has NASA.


They have good reason for this. Temperatures in southwest Greenland are plummeting, and are colder now than during the 1970s. The plot below is made from the NOAA GHCN database – data they pretend they don’t have.


The amount of ice in Baffin Bay has sharply increased since 2010, and is now fully recovered to 1979 levels.


University of Illinois – Cryosphere Today 

 Green below shows ice expansion since this week in 2010.


N_daily_extent.11232010 N_daily_extent

I took these pictures of Baffin Bay in late June. There was still huge amounts of ice.

ScreenHunter_9591 Jun. 21 07.08

ScreenHunter_9593 Jun. 21 07.09

Satellite data shows that 2010 was much warmer that 2015 globally. Satellite data covers almost all of the planet, so it doesn’t produce the gross errors which NASA and NOAA do with their surface data.


Greenland has gone missing, because…

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One Comment on “Why NASA And NOAA Made Greenland Disappear”

  1. Hi, thank you for the thankless work that you do on exposing the climate fraud; keep persevering; on the New Earth, we will make you the weather wow/man 🙂

    We have a question for you? Our time is spent un-covering legal fraud, so we have no time for other research; we are finding some vague mention of possible goings on in the centre of Greenland here and there; we once went on google earth to check it out, but it seems to be blocked out literally with one huge white digital overlay; in fact the Greenland area looks very different in it’s rendering than any other areas; when you zoom to ground level, it seems there is colour underneath? Greenland is the biggest mystery on our planet as we have no idea how big it is? we do not know what is going on there? It’s the perfect spot for hidden activity…

    Do we really have ANY REAL imaging of Greenland, in your opinion? What sources are reliable? Would love to hear your opinion? Or, to please write an article on Greenland from your findings? thank you, keep up the great work; be blessed.


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