goes dark – is it permanent?

“The windmill is broken and the solar panels shorted out.”

(Comment: Gary – LOL)

Watts Up With That?


While few have noticed, since hardly anyone but the handful of extreme faithful visit there anymore, it seems that the website run by the climate alarmist cabal of Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Dr. Michael Mann, Dr. Stephan Rahmstorf, and others has gone dark this week. According to the “wayback machine” the last time the website was live was November 17th:


Now, it shows this, what appears to be a default page for a “parked domain”.


The domain is still registered, according to WHOIS:


‘Tis a puzzle, did Gavin or EMS forget to pay the hosting bill, have they given up, or is something else going on?

There’s no hint of why on Gavin’s Twitter feed:

Note to Gavin, this really doesn’t prevent me from reading your Twitter feed:


Hopefully we’ll find out the reason soon.

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