Green Reverse: Denmark abandons climate change targets, scraps electric car subsidies

The green fog is slowly but surely lifting. Reason is returning. The age of collective madness finally in retreat.

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Tesla model X [image credit: IB Times] Tesla model X [image credit: IB Times]
Denmark, like Britain, has discovered that fanatical pursuit of so-called ‘green’ policies to ‘save the climate’ or whatever, is not financially sustainable, as Breitbart reports.

Denmark is slowly retreating from some of its most ambitious, self-regarding climate initiatives. In an unforeseen attack of common sense, the government is readying to end its generous tax breaks for citizens who buy low-carbon vehicles because of the expense imposed on the public purse. This will triple the retail price of electric cars like the popular Tesla (Model X, pictured) and remove their competitive price advantage against standard fossil fuel-powered models.

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