Obama’s Flagrant Lies About Fire

Once again, “science” exposes the blatant lies Obama is willing to deploy in order to push the climate change agenda.

And the mainstream media continues to let him get away with it, every time. Or more likely, they accept that an environmental lie is a justified one.

These are indeed Orwellian times.

Real Science

Alaska’s fire season is now more than a month longer than it was in 1950. At one point this summer, more than 300 wildfires were burning at once. Southeast of here, in our Pacific Northwest, even the rainforest is on fire…this is a threat to many communities.

Obama Prophesies Climate Nightmare: Famine, Floods, Fire, Fumes and Fighting | MRCTV

Whatever Obama says, the exact opposite is true. According to the BLM, Alaska’s largest forest fires occurred during the 1940’s and 1950’s

ScreenHunter_2868 Sep. 03 05.53

Forest fires decreased in Alaska after the end of the Little Ice Age

Despite high variability at interannual to decadal scales, larger trends occur at the centennial scale. A  widespread trend found in dendrochronological studies across boreal Canada has been the decrease in  fire frequency following the end of the Little Ice Age in the mid 19th century (Brassard and Chen 2006).

America’s largest fire occurred in the…

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One Comment on “Obama’s Flagrant Lies About Fire”

  1. IF extra heat was starting forest fires, fires would have being in Congo and Equador, not in Alaska and Siberia! CO2 is fire retardant gas, can put the fire off,with CO2! Media cannot attack Obama, because ”Skeptics” keep trumpeting the same old childish proofs, for a decade… Plus, wasting time in dissecting manipulated data by the same Warmist…


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