Spectacular Climate Fraud From National Geographic

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” – Albert Einstein

Dear Nat Geo, Albert was being sarcastic. He didn’t actually mean for you, NASA, NOAA, NCDC, BoM etc to adjust data to fit your theory.

Real Science

National Geographic just released this Arctic map, which shows about half as much ice as there actually is.

ScreenHunter_278 Aug. 07 21.43

The real Arctic looks like this – about twice as much ice as the National Geographic Map.


The map below is the 1971 National Geographic ice map – which is nearly identical to the current state of the Arctic.

ScreenHunter_277 Aug. 07 21.42

There seems to be no limit to the level of fraud which formerly respectable magazines will commit, in order to push the “climate change” agenda.

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