1907 : It Is Up To Bloggers To Stop Climate Data Tampering

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” – Karl Marx

Karl would be chuffed at the progressive work being undertaken down there at climate NASA

Real Science

Climate data tampering has always been a problem. In 1907, the Monthly Weather Review said it was up to the “Independent Press” to represses climate cheats and hoaxes.

ScreenHunter_9745 Jun. 25 07.31ScreenHunter_9744 Jun. 25 07.31ScreenHunter_9743 Jun. 25 07.31ScreenHunter_9749 Jun. 25 07.45docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/035/mwr-035-01-0007b.pdf

We have an epidemic of data tampering by US government agencies now, and that is why I am calling them out.




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