Barack Obama – The Cyclone Expert

Real Science

President Obama burned a few hundred thousand gallons of jet fuel last week, to warn Floridians they would be hit by more hurricanes, unless they had faith in his $29 billion/year junk science based religion.

The data shows the exact opposite of what the great prophet Obama claims. As CO2 has increased, the frequency of Florida hurricanes has dropped 60% since the 1870’s. They are currently experiencing their longest period on record without a hurricane strike.

ScreenHunter_1678 Apr. 27 09.27

HURDAT Re-analysis

Similarly, the frequency of US hurricane strikes has plummeted.

ScreenHunter_1674 Apr. 27 09.03

Major (category 3-5)  hurricane  strikes have also declined, and the US is experiencing the longest period on record without a major hurricane strike.

ScreenHunter_1675 Apr. 27 09.11

By supporting Obama’s mindless fact-free religion, climate scientists and newspapers disgrace both science and journalism.

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