The legacy of Tim Flannery..White elephant desalination plants

“So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems…” Tim Flannery 2007

Fast forward to NSW 2015, where Sydney’s water catchments today are 83.6 per cent full, and rising fast.

Similar story across Australia with rainfall patterns rising since Flannery’s global warming alarmist lies, which cost taxpayers $BILLIONS in Climate bodies and mothballed desal plants.

See more on Flannery and BoM Australian rainfall stats here.

Follow The Money

South Australia’s government is facing calls to explain why its new $1.8 billion desalination “white elephant” is to be mothballed, possibly until the next drought.

The desalination plant at Port Stanvac may be left in “standby mode” while the city is able to rely on cheaper water from the River Murray and local reservoirs, SA Water chief John Ringham announced on Thursday.

“The Adelaide desalination plant is South Australia’s insurance policy against future droughts and provides a flexible, climate independent water source, so we will continue to maintain it to a level where it can be switched on when we need it,” Mr Ringham said in a statement.

The desalination plant was proposed by the Labor government in a move to match a policy from the Liberal opposition at a time when South Australia, and much of eastern Australia, was in the grip of a severe drought.

Opposition Leader…

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