Experts Say That Buying Oil From ISIS Will Reduce Asthma

Real Science


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Obama timed his announcement to the most recent USGCRP draft assessment on climate change and public health (which is still open to public comment, if any of “comment activists” want to take their skepticism somewhere productive). While it’s not final, the report shows how these connections get made. It starts with epidemiologists identifying a new disease trend—say, asthma cases on the rise. An environmental health specialist might also notice that air quality has been getting worse, and testing shows it’s from an increase in particulate matter, such as soot.

Why Obama Said Global Warming Gave His Daughter Asthma | WIRED

On the other hand, one might note that the trend of journalists making up completely fake statistics and garbage logic to support politically motivated junk science, has skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, climatologists have been tracking a rise in local temperatures, and noticing more wild fires. Eventually, the various lines of research…

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