After 17 years of no warming the climate wars enter stalemate

‘Climategate’ signifies all that is corrupt in the pseudoscientific world of climate change and environmental alarmism.

“they were committed to a cause and the cause took preference over the science.”



After 17 years without warming the climate wars are locked in stalemate.

The climate alarmists ;-

Have gained huge influence inside governments and institutions within our western democracies.
Are using alarm to justify their existence, to expand their funding and establish new departments with wider powers and ever increasing controls over the people.
Are infiltrating NGO’s to embed themselves inside a world government framework with powers to override national governments.
Have quite successfully brainwashed a generation of youth with propaganda initiatives in schools and universities.

A formidable problem for the climate realists.

The climate realists and the counter resistance.

For many people the propaganda was far too obvious, it became clear that they were being indoctrinated. For that we have to thank the BBC in particular and the MSM in general.

People started to connect the dots between Green politics and the unwarranted increases in their energy bills.

The failed…

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