Now It’s OK To Lie About Climate Change – Yale Project


By Paul Homewood

h/t rwoollaston


Studies recently show that the global warming trend is in a bit of a slowdown. Does that mean we may be nearing the end of the heating period? Well, experts say that the slowdown may be quite misleading.

The study authors describe, “The recent slowdown in global warming has brought into question the reliability of climate model projections of future temperature change and has led to a vigorous debate over whether this slowdown is the result of naturally occurring, internal variability or forcing external to Earth’s climate system.”

Study author Anthony Leiserowitz goes on to describe “It’s fair to say that the vast majority of the public is completely unaware of the word ‘hiatus,’ or the word ‘pause,’ or any of the arguments that have been going on for a few years now between the scientific community and the deniers. The vast majority of…

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