1934 – An Extremely Extreme Year

Real Science

The year 1934 was far more extreme than anything we have experienced recently.

Maximum temperatures averaged the hottest in US history

ScreenHunter_7313 Feb. 19 08.10

Like the current February, temperatures in the east were extremely cold

ScreenHunter_7312 Feb. 19 08.06

Almost 70% of the US reached 100 degrees, compared to just over 20% last year.

ScreenHunter_7296 Feb. 18 23.57

80% of the US was in drought.

ScreenHunter_91 May. 24 00.55

The drought in the US during 1934 blew away all records, but it wasn’t just in the US – it was all over the world.

ScreenHunter_89 May. 24 00.39

TimesMachine: June 6, 1934 – NYTimes.com

ScreenHunter_90 May. 24 00.45

TimesMachine: May 29, 1934 – NYTimes.com

LONDON, June 2, 1934
Farmers’ Ruinous Losses
Almost Universal Disaster
Europe Revives Pagan Rites

A survey of the threat of a world drought reveals ruinous losses by farmers in many parts of the world. There is an actual shortage of food, with young crops blasted in the ground by the scorching sunshine and thousands of cattle without pasture. The disaster…

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