Spectacular Data Tampering At Deniliquin, NSW

My historical and existing family grew up around Deniliquin. To have their temperature record trashed by global warming zealots abroad, in order to push their religious ideology/scam, is an unmitigated disgrace and yet another wicked blow to science and discovery.

Shame on you Gavin Schmidt, NASA, NOAA, USHCN and the Australian Bureau Of Meteorology for colluding with the global warming fraudsters via the homogenisation manipulation of historical temperature data.


Real Science

Deniliquin is a small town located 270 km north of Melbourne and 370 km west of Canberra. It is one of the oldest stations in Australia and operated through 2003. The station showed a general cooling trend since the 1890s

ScreenHunter_7101 Feb. 13 07.31

Gavin made the cooling disappear a few years ago, and turned cooling into warming.


In order to hide the hot past, he knocked almost 2.5 degrees off of older temperatures.

ScreenHunter_7097 Feb. 13 07.16

This turned a sharp cooling trend into a strong warming trend.

ScreenHunter_7102 Feb. 13 07.38

Satellite photography shows that Deniliquin is fairly rural, but the station is in the middle of a neighborhood and was undoubtedly affected by the paving of the roads and growth of the town.

ScreenHunter_7098 Feb. 13 07.22ScreenHunter_7100 Feb. 13 07.23ScreenHunter_7099 Feb. 13 07.23

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2 Comments on “Spectacular Data Tampering At Deniliquin, NSW”

  1. Bill Butler says:

    And even the glaciers are part of “The Great Conspiracy”.

    Look at the deceit that has been involved in going from this:

    to this:

    Must have taken hours of Photoshop time.

    Even the famous Matterhorn is part of “The Great Conspiracy”.

    Claims about rising sea level are also part of “The Great Conspiracy”.
    Look what happens when somebody left their hose on and then “The Great Conspiracy” attributed it to Global Warming.
    “Miami Beach Sea Level Rise, Paradise Lost!”

    P.S. Here’s a hint. The real world is not interested in Global Warming Deniers’ conspiracies and/or paranoia.


    • Climatism says:

      Shock News! Alaska’s most famous glacier retreated eight feet per day between 1794 And 1879

      ‘By 1879 naturist John Muir found that the ice had retreated 48 miles up the bay. By 1916 the Grand Pacific Glacier headed Tarr inlet 65 miles from Glacier Bay’s mouth.’



      1871 Shock News : Sierra Club Founder Discovered That Vast Glaciers Had Disappeared From Yosemite

      ‘1871 in my opinion future investigation will uncover proofs of the existence in the earlier ages of Sierra Nevada ice, of vast glaciers which flowed to the very foot of the range. Already it is clear that all of the upper basins were filled with ice so deep and universal that but few of the highest crests and ridges were sufficiently great to separate it into individual glaciers, many of the highest mountains having been flowed over and rounded like the boulders in a river. Glaciers poured into Yosemite by every one of its cañons, and at a comparatively recent period of its history its northern wall, with perhaps the single exception of the crest of Eagle Cliff, was covered by one unbroken flow of ice, the several glaciers having united before they reached the wall.’

      Yosemite Glaciers by John Muir (1871) – John Muir Exhibit (John Muir Education Project, Sierra Club California)

      It must have been Fred Flintstone’s SUV that ruined the glaciers!


      Re, Miami beach and the fear and ‘paranoia’ surrounding SLR…

      Shock News : Miami Is Not Drowning

      Contrary to the mindless hysteria being funded and promoted by the White House and climate change alarmists, satellite data at Miami Beach shows almost no change in sea level this century.


      P.s. The real world has facts and historical data to snuff out climate change hysteria and mindless alarmism.


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