Mosher/Curry Say There Is No Urban Heat Island Effect

Real Science

Influence of Urban Heating  on the Global Temperature  Land Average using Rural  Sites Identified from MODIS  Classifications

Wickham C1  , Rohde R2  , Muller RA3,4  *, Wurtele J3,4  , Curry J5  , Groom  D3  , Jacobsen R3,4  , Perlmutter S3,4  , Rosenfeld A3 and Mosher S6

The effect of urban heating on estimates of global average  land surface temperature is studied by applying an urban-rural  classification based on MODIS satellite data to the Berkeley  Earth temperature dataset compilation of 36,869 sites from 15  different publicly available sources

We observe the opposite of an urban heating effect over the  period 1950 to 2010, with a slope of -0.10 ± 0.24°C/100yr (2σ error) in  the Berkeley Earth global land temperature average. The confidence  interval is consistent with a zero urban heating effect, and at most  a small urban heating effect (less than 0.14°C/100yr, with 95%  confidence) on the scale of the observed…

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