State Of The Climate Report

Real Science

Government experts tell us that the weather is getting hotter and more extreme, because it is their job to lie about the climate. Their job keeps getting tougher.

  • The US is currently experiencing the longest stretch of years (almost 9) without a major (category 3-5) hurricane strike.
  • US tornadoes have been record low, or near record low for the past three years
  • Global temperatures have been flat for 18 years
  • US temperatures (before data tampering) have been declining for 90 years
  • Winter snow cover has been increasing across the northern hemisphere, to record levels over the past decade.
  • The amount of old thick ice in the Arctic has nearly doubled over the past three years
  • Antarctic sea ice is at record high levels
  • The US is having one of the coldest years on record.
  • Except for the west coast, the US is almost drought and fire free this summer.

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What Part Of This Isn’t Clear?

Real Science

NASA has altered their own data to hide the decline globally. The animation below shows changes to published NASA global temperature data from 1981 to the present.


NASA has altered their own data to hide the decline in the US. The animation below shows changes to published NASA US temperature data since 1999.

NASA is hiding the decline the Arctic. The animation below shows recent changes to NASA published Iceland temperatures

The EU is faking the rise in sea level rise rates. The graph below shows recent changes to the published Envisat sea level graphs.

NASA is constantly altering data to create the appearance of warming. This shows changes to global temperatures in just the past two years.


These changes go on year after year. Always making the past cooler and the present warmer. The animations below show successive changes to NASA published US temperatures.



They are hiding the decline Texas. The…

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