The CSIRO Is Telling Us Everything We Need To Snow



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CSIRO report 2003 : 

A 2003 CSIRO report, part-funded by the ski industry, found that the resorts could lose a quarter of their snow in 15 years

Icons under threat: The Alps – General – In Depth –


11 years later in the year 2014 :


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Best snowfalls in a decade forecast for eastern Australia. Strap yourselves in for the megablizzard |

Climate Deniers In Their Third Decade Of Destroying The Planet

Real Science

20 Jan 1992

Greenhouse cynics gambling with future’ .

One of the CSIRO’s top scientists says doubters of the greenhouse effect are gam bling with the future of the world.

Dr Graeme Pearmao, coordinator of the CSIRO’s climate change research program, said yesterday there was little doubt global warming was a reality according to all the best scientific models.

He was supported by the latest international estimates issued by the Minister for the Environment, Ros Kelly, which showed the earth was heating up at the rate of 0.3 degrees a decade, enough to cause major disruptions to the climate.

The estimates, made by an international group of scientists backed by the United Nations, were issued for a conference in

Canberra which will examine the impact of agriculture and forestry on global warning.

A small number of sceptics in the scientific community have cast doubt on the greenhouse effect, claiming it is an unproved theory on which it would be unwise for governments to…

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