South China Morning Post : People would be idiotic not to question climate science

Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to 
know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC 
Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itohan award-winning PhD environmental physical

“I am a skeptic…Global warming has become a new religion.” – Nobel Prize Winner for
Physics, Ivar Giaever.

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More climate scepticism from the mainstream …

via South China Morning Post

People would be idiotic not to question climate science

by LAI SEE, Howard Winn

The debate over climate change and global warming shows no sign of losing its intensity. Those that disagree with the view that man’s activities are contributing to global warming are branded as right wing, in the pockets of business, Fox News junkies, on the take from vested interests and a lot more. Only idiots we are told deny or are sceptical of “science.” Yet the scientific method thrives and moves forward on scepticism.

It is true that science and its discoveries have been a powerful engine of growth. But its not all been one way. The bedrock of scientific research is that the same experiments yield the same results no matter who does them. However scientists at the biotech company Amgen, a few years ago attempted to replicate 53 cancer-related studies, but were only able to replicate six. Bayer HealthCare had a similar experience in only being able to reproduce a quarter of the result of 67 studies.

We are frequently told that we should believe that global warming science is irrefutable because the UN Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change report is supposed to be based on the work of 9,136 scientists and their 2,239 peer reviewed articles. However it’s worth bearing in mind that the IPCC is not a scientific organisation. Its charter restricts it to looking for human induced global warming, rather than what occurs as a result of natural climate forces. In practice it is not interested in views which do not support the influence of human activity, specifically carbon dioxide.

However it is not unheard of in the past for the scientific consensus to be wrong. Tom Quirk, a former research physicist and a member of the Australian Climate Science Coalition, notes that for many years it was received medical opinion that “ulcers were caused by stress, spicy foods, and too much acid.”

Subsequently two Western Australians Barry Marshall and Robin Warren proved that they were mostly caused by a bacterium and were better treated by antibiotics and not by surgery and drugs. The pair were awarded the Nobel Prize for their efforts but not before enduring criticism that they were peddling nonsense.

There are parallels with global warming with huge vested interests within the science community, finance, politics maintaining that anyone that denies global warming is idiotic. A huge one trillion US dollar industry has grown up around global warming. Making sense of climate is a difficult and highly complex operation. Climate models attempt to replicate, natural variability ocean currents, the intensity of sun cycles, estimate changes in cloud cover, vegetation and the changes brought on snow and ice cover. Then the impact of increasing levels of man-made C02 are combined with this.

However there is considerable disagreement among the scientific community about the efficacy of the models. The models have difficulty in replicating previous temperature let alone forecasting the future. There are a host of issues about the IPCC reports which have been raised by the Inter Academy Council, the world’s premier scientific body, which are critical of the IPCC. Its August 2010 report on the UN’s climate body identifies: political interference, conflicts of interest, bias, claiming certainty in absence of evidence, vague statements not supported by evidence, management problems and so on. Given all this it seems perfectly justified to be at least sceptical about the claims of the IPCC, and the so-called catastrophic consequences of global warming. Indeed if nothing else it is scepticism that has kept science honest. Given the billions of dollars that are being poured into policies on the basis of alarmist climate forecasts people need to be asking a lot of questions about the science.

(Climatism emboldened)


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4 Comments on “South China Morning Post : People would be idiotic not to question climate science”

  1. patriot93610 says:

    Reblogged this on Chowchilla Patriot and commented:
    The climate change argument is mostly about federal control. Those that are for a centralized government run by the federal government are the same ones pushing the climate change arguments. They also want to setup false markets by trading carbon credits.


  2. Herve says:

    If You do not trust IPCC (pardon “Greenpeace-IPCC”) You are idiot. This is only the first step towards diabolization. Once this latter step is achieved, You will be deprived of expression and access to media, You are no longer a human but a beast.
    Ultimate step would be physical elimination.
    Typical nazi behaviour.


  3. 1reniernel says:

    Proving the whole bunch of scientists as wrong since day one, there is the massive ( and quantified by me) hydrogen footprint of brand new combustion water flowing out of the world oxygen fire. A direct atmospheric collapse phenomena since the day that the world oxygen fire started to expand. Why was the hydrogen footprint never officially accepted | announced ???
    Then there is to add, the effect of the dynamic ocean carbon dioxide sink.
    The collapse is still relatively minute, but the increase in earth input power is already more than enough to drive the escalating climate havoc.
    Atmospheric oxygen collapse is about 298.9 mm per ppm rise in atmospheric CO2.

    The universal fuel is a 24/7 global atmospheric oxygen fire. This consumption has long ago surpassed the profit oxygen production of global photosynthesis. (Profit oxygen refer to that quantity of oxygen that is NOT needed by the closed circuit cycle of Life, but banked as atmospheric stock.)
    The world oxygen fire physically collapse the atmosphere which directly increase earth’s 24/7 input power by about 1,394 Gigawatts per ppm of atmospheric CO2, but NOT BECAUSE OF THE CO2 itself.
    Atmospheric CO2 merely serve as base reference to determine the size of the dynamic world oxygen fire.
    Earth output power seemingly increase slower than the input power, The input/output energy differential increase.
    The accumulation of atmospheric and oceanic carbon dioxide, and the green house gases is just a SECONDARY heat trap. ( And carbon-phobia the confinement trap of the scientists.)
    You just go find the links to the deadly secure CHEMICAL PROVE along my tweet-string, or you can just wait and see. And i’m afrikaans mother tongue if you care.


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