Wildfires Not Caused By Climate Change

Climatism comment :


By Paul Homewood


For anybody still convinced that wildfires are caused, or made worse, by “climate change”, a look at an Environmental Impact Report by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection would be enlightening.



Wildfire Trends

Over millennia, fire has played an integral role in regulating the spatial pattern, composition, and structure of California’s natural resources. With its Mediterranean climate, productive soils, and frequent ignitions from lightning and Native American peoples, fire has been an endemic force shaping the landscapes of California. From coastal grasslands to sub-alpine forests to the Mojave Desert, fire has been an active ecological agent in almost all vegetated areas.
Fire provides an essential ecological function by cycling nutrients, changing plant composition and structure through mortality and fire induced regeneration, modifying habitat for wildlife, and increasing forest health by consuming fuels, thereby making forests less susceptible to unnatural fire severity…

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