CEI wins FOIA tiff with NASA via judicial order

Climatism comment :

  • A BIG win for Science.
  • A MASSIVE blow to NASA, the climate alarm industry and perpetrators of scientific fraud.


See : Real Science Fraud File | CACA

Watts Up With That?

From with lots of spin (h/t to reader Dennis)

Judge Orders NASA to Release Climate Change-Related Documents

A climate change denial group once funded by oil giant ExxonMobil (2012 revenues: $453.123 billion) won a legal victory last week over NASA when a federal judge ordered the space agency to turn over more documents related to its 2007 revisions of global temperature data. Release of the information will have no effect on the climate change data that scientists are using to determine the extent of global warming that is occurring.

The controversy started in August 2007, when statistician Stephen McIntyre found an error in NASA’s temperature data sets that he said caused temperatures in the U.S. from the year 2000 onward to be overstated. After posting “his findings on his website,” according to Judge Barbara Rothstein’s decision, McIntyre “emailed them to NASA climate scientists” at the Goddard Institute…

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