This Scam Is Over – Put A Fork In It




Annoying Idea Circulating Among SkepticsPosted on October 23, 2013 by stevengoddard

  • Several skeptics have made claims that the CO2/greenhouse effect curve is in something called the “linear region” where the energy balance scales linearly with CO2. While there is some tiny grain of truth to this, it is nearly irrelevant. Eighty percent of the current CO2 portion of the greenhouse effect occurs in the first 50 PPM, and 400 PPM is well past the knee of the curve. Going from 400 PPM to 550 PPM will have only a tiny effect on the energy balance in the atmosphere. There is no crisis – just incompetent government scientists. See graph here

Real Science

The last remaining hope for alarmists was the Arctic ice scam. That is now dead, but they will continue to lie about it like the do with temperature, sea level, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, ocean pH, etc.

All they have left is data tampering, fake ad hoc theories and meaningless statements of increasing certainty. It is time for global warming to go down the Piltdown Man hole of scam science – where it belongs.

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What NSIDC Is Hiding

Real Science

The animation below alternates between NSIDC September ice age for the year 2012 and the year 2013.


Figure5.png (2116×3123)

Figure5_october_2012.png (2430×3170)

Note the huge increase in the amount of white colored ice, which they used to call 5+ ice, but now call 4+ ice. Normally they publish a graph showing the extent of ice by age vs. year, but they didn’t include that graph this year.

I created that graph myself, and you can see why they didn’t include it. There is more than four times as much “white” ice as there was last September. This is the ice which they used to call 5+ year old ice. There has been an increase in ice of every age vs. last year, but the oldest and thickest ice has taken an unprecedented jump.

ScreenHunter_1765 Oct. 23 06.26

But the most important thing to note is that the older ice is perfectly situated in the western…

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Shock News : Climate Change Has Been Happening For Longer Than The Last Thirty Years


Mother Nature Climate Wrecker


If the human contribution to atmospheric CO² is 3%, how much should Mother Nature pay for ‘wrecking’ the climate?

100% Certain, And Wrong

Real Science

August 5, 2013

This year “will without a doubt” rank in the top five lowest levels of ice extent ever recorded in the satellite era, and there is a good possibility that 2013 could rank second in terms of recorded ice lows, said Walt Meier, a scientist at the National Snow & Ice Data Center.

There is a 100% probability that his 100% certainty was incorrect.

ScreenHunter_1738 Oct. 22 09.11

Sea_Ice_Extent_prev_L.png (1440×900)

Walt has moved his attentions to the other hemisphere, and is now confused by Antarctic ice.

One scientist who is scrambling and who is visibly baffled is meteorologist Walt Meier, who seems irritated by the new puzzling Antarctic sea ice record

Spiegel Surprised By “Amazingly Robust”, Record Antarctic Sea Ice – NASA’s Walt Meier Bewildered, Can Only Speculate

I am going to give Walt a big hint – for free.

ScreenHunter_1739 Oct. 22 09.31

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Science Experiment

Real Science

Let’s try raising atmospheric CO2 from 363 PPM to 400 PPM, and see how much global warming occurs.

.ScreenHunter_1755 Oct. 22 18.43

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Any questions?

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Understanding 95% Certainty

Real Science

The failure of 95% of climate models has made the IPCC 95% certain that the models are correct.

ScreenHunter_1756 Oct. 22 19.36

Maybe That IPCC 95% Certainty Was Correct After All

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