Can Obama Restore The Kinder, Gentler Climate Of 1890?

Climatism comment :

Climate alarmists choose to ignore (or have no idea) what has occurred within climate history. And apparently they have no idea what goes on within a decade of ‘climate change’, as Andrew Bolt discovers :

2003, and warmist scientist David Karoly blames the severity of the drought on global warming:

  • “This drought has had a more severe impact than any other drought since at least 1950…. This is the first drought in Australia where the impact of human-induced global warming can be clearly observed.”

2011, and warmist scientist David Karoly blames the severity of Queensland’s floods on global warming:

  • ‘Professor Karoly stressed individual events could not be attributed to climate change. But the wild extremes being experienced by the continent were in keeping with scientists’ forecasts of more flooding associated with increased heavy rain and more droughts as a result of high temperatures and more evaporation.’
  • ‘’On some measures it’s the strongest La Nina in recorded history … [but] we also have record-high ocean temperatures in northern Australia which means more moisture evaporating into the air,’’ he said. ‘’And that means lots of heavy rain.’’

The beauty of global warming theory, as espoused by Karoly, is that whether it’s dry or wet, global warming is to blame. Read More »

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