Dr Karl’s klimate krap

Climatism comment :

  • Do global warming alarmists like ABC science presenter, Dr Karl have no journalistic integrity by misleading the public on global warming facts. Or is misinformation ok when you’re protected by the sanctimonious tower of ‘morality’?

Australian Climate Madness

UPDATE: In the comments, Baldrick provides a timely reminder of Dr Karl’s activist past, in that he was a Senate candidate in 2007 for the Climate Change Coalition, which was “formed in 2007 with a view to accelerate action by politicians from all parties on global warming and climate change.” He lost, as did all the other CCC candidates…

As any fule kno, every science presenter on the ABC is a fully paid-up climate alarmist. Robyn Williams, Bernie Hobbs, the Catalyst team, Adam Spencer and of course, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki himself, all plug the same consensus line, without any proper scientific scepticism.

But because of the 16-year temperature stasis that nobody wants to acknowledge, Dr (for a doctor he is*) Karl resorts to spouting krap:

Even before this report was released, some of the news media (such as the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom) recklessly claimed that this latest IPCC…

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